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  1. Cara download game harvest moon back to nature
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  5. Ajak bicara dia, dia akan memberitahumu tentang badai yang sering terjadi saat winter. Tempat tinggal Popuri, Lillia, dan Rick. Gunakan tombol segitiga untuk membaca isi buku. Bawa Harvest Basker ke tambang, letakkan dan mulai menanmbang. Di klinik, responsible akan melihat Doctor dan Elli bicara tentang bayi yang baru lahir. Kamu bisa tetap bekerja dan pulang paling telat 5. Harrispun sangat senang kemudian kembali pergi patroli. Di sini tersedia berbagai bibit tiap musim, perlengkapan memasak tepung, nasi kepal, minyak goreng, roti, dan bubuk karikeranjang, tas, dan pembungkus kado. Selain itu, Between nantinya juga akan memilih dari sekian gadis-gadis desa untuk dilamar dan dinikahinya.
  6. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature - But do not force it, yes!
  7. Ranch Story ~Harvest Moon~ was the first title of the Harvest Moon series to be released on the PlayStation. It was released on December 16, 1999 in Japan, on November 20, 2000 in North America, and on January 26, 2001 for PAL Regions. Though many of the characters are taken from , they have somewhat different personalities, families, and occupations, which led to minor controversy among fans as these altercations were carried over to and ultimately became the final canon of said characters. Unlike any other game that takes place in Mineral Town, it applies more 3D graphics and many features that can't be found in the Game Boy versions. Back to Nature and were both later ported to the PlayStation Portable as in Japan and North America. Plot As typical of many of the Harvest Moon titles, you come to inherit a farm after your grandfather's passing. However, in this game, it has been decided by the residents of that you can only inherit the farm if you restore it to its former glory and fit in with the townsfolk within three years. At the end of the three year time period, Mayor Thomas will come and view your progress, similar to how the player's father evaluated at the end of the third year in. If the farm's condition is acceptable at the end of the third year, the player will be able to keep playing. Gameplay Neglected Farm The Mayor of Mineral Town asks you to enter a name, a date of birth of the player's choice, and to name your dog and your farm. In addition, you have a coop for the chickens, a barn for cows and sheep, a horse stable, a fish pond and an apple tree in addition to your tiny farmhouse. It is your goal to work the land and care for livestock, just as in any other Harvest Moon games. At first, you are given a hoe, a sickle, a hammer, and an axe in order to clear up and work the debris-cluttered land. Later on, you can upgrade your tools and obtain more in order to do tasks more efficiently. Aside from farming, you are also expected to interact with the townsfolk and have a family. Talk to villagers, give them gifts they like especially on their birthdays , and learn more about them with the myriad of events you can come across during the course of the game. There are several events that need to be witnessed with bachelorettes in order to marry them as well. Marriage Besides restoring your farm to its former glory, you should get married sometime during the game as well. Out of the five young ladies in town, you can eventually find one you want to marry. In order to get married, you have to expand your home twice, raise her heart level to red, and purchase a either from Jeff's shop or from Won at a ridiculous price. Then you can propose, and if you're lucky, you'll be married after a week. Bachelorettes In order to woo a girl, you must give her gifts that she likes. Her heart level, represented by the heart underneath the portrait you see of her while she's speaking, ranges from Black acquaintances to Red love. As you get to know the girls more, you will get to see several events in which you have to answer questions she might ask you. Answer them correctly, and she'll come to like you even more. Also, give her gifts she likes. Each girl has different tastes, but jewelry, though expensive, makes a great gift as well. Once Cliff comes to town, she ends up doing her best to befriend him. Give her spa-boiled eggs. A few years ago, her parents died, and she's been raising her little brother and caring for her grandmother ever since. Right from the start of the game, she has a crush on her boss, the Doctor. As far as gifts go, she loves receiving all sorts of flowers. Rick has been her childhood friend since they were little kids. Her hobbies include dancing, singing, and hanging out at the bar and drinking. She has expensive tastes such as wine, sashimi, and truffles. However, Gray has come to enjoy reading at the library, something Mary's happy for. Though she is shy and soft-spoken, she'll open up to you with interesting things to say. She enjoys writing, and some of her favorite gifts to receive are poisonous mushrooms and bamboo shoots. She often quarrels with her older brother Rick about her responsibilities around the Poultry Farm and her interest in Kai. She enjoys sweets and flowers. Rivals Wooing a girl is not exactly easy. Every girl has another guy who's interested in them as well. If you don't marry any one of the girls, one of these guys will marry her instead. He usually stays in one place for a while until he runs out of money, and then heads to the next place. However, you can get him a job at the Winery, thus getting him to stay in town. His love interest is Ann. He's very much absorbed with his work, though he tries to do his best for everyone in town. However, he often feels that not many people like him. Pastor Carter is one of his only friends. Even though Elli has taken an interest in him, it takes him quite a while to notice this. Along with his mother, he tends chickens at the Poultry Farm. He is an extremely high strung but hard-working young man who is faced with the responsiblity of being the man of the house in his father's absence. Often, he has conflicts with his younger sister, Popuri, though he tries his best to be a good older brother to her. He feels she should not be dating Kai. His love interest is Karen. After meeting Mary, he looks at things a bit more optimistically, though he still struggles with his grandfather, the blacksmith Saibara. He is his grandfather's apprentice, though he complains that his grandfather never praises him for anything he does. Every summer, he visits Mineral Town and runs a snack stand The Seaside Lounge. The rest of the year, he goes down south since he's not a fan of cold weather. He often faces off against Rick, who in turn can't stand him. After a while, he will take up an interest in Rick's younger sister, Popuri. However, when the player acquires the farm, none of the barns are upgraded. This may reinforce that the red mail box may have originally had a role in the game.


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